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Digital Transformation Of Your Supply Chain

Digital innovation promises real-time visibility into your logistics business. You can use technology to reinvent logistics practises such as planning, procurement, and fulfilment.

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Systems For Supply Chain Management

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  • Supply Chain Management Systems
  • Custom IoT Solutions
  • Smart Contracts and Blockchain
  • Smart Warehousing
  • Real-time Fleet Management of Vehicles
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Our Logistics Solutions

Our strategies are inspired by creativity and designed to address real-time market issues. Webtoils solutions can be used on all modes of transportation, including land, sea, and air.

Transportation Management Solution

A transportation management system (TMS) is a logistics platform that enables physical product transportation and shipment between stakeholders. Custom development of TMS Solution.

Warehouse Management Solution

Create a powerful Product Management System that aids in product categorization, catalogue image organisation, pricing, and product life cycle maintenance across all platforms.

Global Trade Management Solution

Choose a third-party payment gateway to securely integrate with an ecommerce platform. Provide customers with e-wallet options for streamlined and expedited transactions.

Route Optimization

When the remaining systems are effectively integrated with the ERP, the process is accelerated, the margin for error is reduced, and all departments can track data in real time.

Big Data Analytics

Ordering and inventory status management, warehouse integration, SKUs and barcodes, trends and inventory optimization, and stock alerts are a few of the features.

Real-time Freight Tracking Solution

Centralize, manage, and keep track of your SKUs, orders, packaging, printing shipping labels, shipping, tracking, pickups, and returns, among other things.




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Data-driven Logistics And Supply Chain

There are currently approximately 2.1 billion websites hosted on the internet.
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A supply chain system relies heavily on data. To collect data from sensors, use automotive and logistics software solutions that incorporate Big Data and Machine Learning. The data can then be viewed on a single dashboard to gain competitive insights. Do you require more dependable data on your operations? Introduce simple reporting software for the manufacturing line or warehouse.

Following solutions are Tailored to this industry
  • Dashboards For Big Data
  • Dashboards For KPI
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Development of Custom Reporting Software
  • Solutions For Custom Logistics Software

Webtoils develops logistics Web software for companies that provide logistics, warehousing, and distribution systems all over the world. They aid in increasing real-time visibility, optimising processes, increasing efficiency, and meeting delivery targets.


Why Choose Webtoils for Logistics & Automotive Solutions?

Webtoils' logistics practise is well-defined, consisting of experienced developers with extensive logistics expertise, in order to address the evolving and growing needs of logistics service providers over time.

  • Automation of Intelligent Processes

    Our service enables real-time visibility, route optimization, increased efficiency, and on-time delivery. Our digital technologies assist logistics partners in streamlining core operations using a shared system to reduce costs and complexity.

  • Geofencing And Route Optimization

    We offer comprehensive route optimization and geofencing strategies to transportation companies in order to maximise vehicle efficiency and reduce fleet operating costs. Our fleet management apps monitor and control the performance of commercial vehicles.

  • Each Asset Is Tracked In Real Time.

    Using robust data processing, intelligent automation, cloud-based analytics, and simulation techniques, you can gain deeper business insights. To promote regulatory enforcement and real-time monitoring, our systems coordinate with vehicle telematics tools.

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